I just ordered a shirt. When will it arrive?

It depends. Maybe in a few days, maybe not for a few weeks. Featured shirts are on sale for one week and get printed and shipped immediately after that. Once we ship your order, it should get to you in a few days (United States) or a few weeks (everywhere else), depending on how far you live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There’s an estimated shipping date on each t-shirt’s page and we’ll send you an email when it ships. If you're still not sure, just email us. We're happy to clear things up.

Oh no, I messed up my shipping address and/or shirt size! Can I change it?

If this happens to you, just email us as soon as you can and we’ll take care of it. However, we reserve the right to publicly shame you. If your order has already been shipped, take heart. We'll still try to make it right. We know how frustrating it can be to pay for something you never get.

Hypothetically speaking, I don't live in the U.S. Am I going to get killed on some kind of crazy import tax?

Probably. Consult your nearest governing authority. Or, better yet, maybe check out Borderlinx. They've been doing this longer than we have and specialize in calculating international shipping. You might be able to save a few bucks by going with them.

Here's what we do know:

UK: Last we checked, the U.K. charged for anything over £15.

Canada: Flat $5 handling fee for USPS shipments.

Brazil: Anything over $50 (including delivery) gets hit with a tariff and customs which can double the cost. Do yourself a favor, order only one shirt (and maybe a few goodies) at a time. You'll spend more on shipping but avoid the painful customs. (Thanks, Gus.)

The Netherlands: a friend told us that anything over €22 (price & shipping) gets hit with sales tax (typically around 20% of the price including shipping). Anything over €150 will need to pay both sales taxes and customs. (Thanks, Maarten.)

Australia: Nothing to pay for import goods valued at up to AUD1,000 (~USD850). (Thanks, Clem.)

Turkey: a friend told us there is a limit of €75 per shipment for customs. If the value of shipment exceeds that, you pay +20% of the total sum. (Thanks, Zeki.)

Sweden: Looks like the rules are as follows - 12% custom tax (of the total value of the order) + 25% sales tax of the custom tax value. Oof. (Thanks, Martin.)

Denmark: Any package from outside the European Union that costs less than 80 DKK for the items themselves will  have no duties or taxes. Any package equal to or above 80 DKK, customs will add a fee of 128 DKK plus a sales tax of 25% on the entire amount. (Thanks, Jesper.)

Germany: Anything under 22€ (price + shipping) is free of customs duties and import taxes, packages between 22-150€ you’ll pay sales tax on price + shipping (19% as of August 2014), and over 150€ you’ll pay sales tax and customs. (Thanks, Thorben.) 

If you know how these things work, email us and we'll add more information here.

What’s your refund/exchange policy?

If there’s something wrong with your order (wrong size, wrong shirt, defective product, etc.), return it to us unworn and unwashed within 15 days of delivery and we’ll be happy to issue a refund. Our address:

Full Stop Interactive
2000 Smallman St. 203A
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Exchanges are a little more difficult since we print close to exact quantities of what we need. We usually order a few extras, but they go fast. If you need an exchange, email us and we’ll see what we can do.

Tell me more about your t-shirts.

We print on the finest, softest, comfiest tees in all the land: American Apparel (specifically the 100% cotton tee, the 50/50 poly-cotton tee, and the tri-blend track tee). All shirts are tagless, with custom printed size tags. They’re printed right down the street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Clockwise Tees.

I want a t-shirt, but I'm too cheap to buy one. How do I snag a free one?

Follow us on Twitter. We’ve been known to give out free t-shirts from time to time, wink wink.

I noticed that there are non-United Pixelworkers t-shirts on here. How can I sell my shirt on United Pixelworkers?

Whoa. Back up. Are you the right fit for United Pixelworkers? If you're looking for soup-to-nuts t-shirt sales, printing, fulfillment, shipping, and customer service, and you have a brand that Pixelworkers worldwide love (or are gonna love), let's talk.

Do you ever run shirts for charity?

Yes, every so often we sell shirts and donate the proceeds to charity.



That’s a sweet logo. Who designed it?

None other than Aaron James Draplin. He designed it for the t-shirt we did together last year, and we liked it so much that we made it our logo.

I'm new here. What is United Pixelworkers?

United Pixelworkers is an unspoken alliance of web workers — designers, developers, copywriters, user experience architects, bloggers, and more — dedicated to building a better Internet.

Who’s responsible for this?

United Pixelworkers is made with love in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the chaps at Full Stop: Jay Fanelli, Nathan Peretic, and Matt Chambers.

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